Iphone Repair

Iphone repairs is an industry leader in iPhone repair, iPhone accessories, iPod repair, iPad repair and iPad accessories. With years of experience in the wireless retail and wireless repair business, we have built good relationships with clients all over providing certified repairs to apple products, with a  fast, friendly service. While business continues to develop, we stick to the principles that have made us Ireland’s #1 apple repair centre.

Our iPhone repair system is second to none. We have been able to repair any broken, faulty or damaged iPhone that comes to us. We specialize in repairing every model of iPhone, from the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S.

Our iPhone cracked screen replacement service is very fast and reliable and indeed is the biggest part of our business and we have helped hundreds of customers get back online in an extremely fast time. iPhone screen replacement is something we often have to do even if it has not been broken. The iPhone screen or LCD display will go whitish colour or have dis-coloured lines, making it very difficult to view the content of your screen. since the iphone screen is a major factor in it’s functioning as it detects touch, without this function your iphone can become unusable.

Here at iphone repairs Ireland, iPhone repair is our specialty. We have the best certified repair technicians in the mobile phone industry to ensure that your iPhone will be repaired professionally and promptly. We know you want your iphone repaired as quickly as possible, which is why we guarantee same, or next day delivery with free shipping door to door so you will have your repaired iphone back before you even know it.